Celebrity Spotlight – How A Super Bowl Wife Changed the NFL for Aging Players


While the Philadelphia Eagles emerged victorious in yesterday’s Super Bowl match-up – the first in the franchise’s history – there’s another first the NFL has experienced in recent years. Sylvia Mackey, fearless wife of ‘60s and ‘70s Super Bowl hero, John Mackey, lobbied the NFL to adopt a long-term care assistance program for retired players who suffered with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and ALS.  Called the “88 Plan” in honor of the jersey number of her late husband who died with frontotemporal dementia, Sylvia’s story is one of courage, humor and most of all advocating for the one you love.




Read our CEO Sherri Snelling’s interview for PBS Next Avenue with Sylvia Mackey

You can also read an extended version of Sylvia’s story in Sherri’s book, A Cast of Caregivers – Celebrity Stories to Help You Prepare to Care







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We also offer our Me Time Monday video that provide insights into the costs of caregiving to help you avoid what we call the “caregiving cost drain”


January 21 – National Hugs Day!

Part of our 2018 wishes for all caregivers – we celebrate National Hugs Day on January 21!  Scientists tell us that 8 hugs a day help protect our brains and send a powerful emotional and healthful message to caregivers that you care. Read our CEO Sherri Snelling’s blog here on the healing power of hugs:

Got Hugs? The Healing Power of a Good Embrace

2018 is Year of the Dog

At Caregiving Club, we are avid pet lovers and believe in the power of pet therapy. Most of us here are dog owners which is why we are thrilled that 2018 is the “Year of the Dog” in the Chinese calendar.

All year long we’ll offer various stories, interviews and articles on how dogs improve our health as caregivers (lower blood pressure and get us moving) as well as calm and comfort those with Alzheimer’s, autism, Parkinson’s disease and other chronic illnesses. We also offer insights into the world of both real pets and their robotic counterparts.

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For more on our furry friends, read our CEO Sherri Snelling’s articles below:

Healing Power of Pet Therapy (originally posted on PBS Next Avenue)

New study on dogs helping dementia patients

Pets as the prescription for senior wellness

Snoopy to the rescue – pet therapy helps caregivers

Snoopy to the rescue – pet therapy helps caregivers

Robots vs. the Real Thing in Pet Therapy (originally posted on PBS Next Avenue)

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A Year of Caregiver Hugs, Hygge & Happiness!


Our wishes every year are for caregivers to find the balance they feel they may need in caring for their loved one and caring for themselves.

This year we’re sending caregivers more hugs (eight hugs a day have proven to be neuroprotective), more hygge (the trend of 2017 continues with caregiver coziness tips) and more happiness (scientific studies have shown that people who are the healthiest and live longer have quality-time based relationships.)

It’s nice to know that caregiver health is not all about good nutrition and exercise (although they are still important!). Instead, there are simple but impactful avenues to achieve caregiver self-care and we’ll be blogging about this all year.

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You can also read these articles from our CEO Sherri Snelling:

Why Laughter is Crucial for Caregivers  (originally published on PBS Next Avenue)

Caregiving Is A Small World After All (originally published on Huffington Post)

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You can also watch our Me Time Monday video for more tips on finding caregiver happiness and avoiding caregiver burn-out:


The Aging Dreamers in Celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day



On January 15, we remember a great American – Martin Luther King, Jr. – and embrace his “I have a dream” mission and his service to our country. When it comes to caregiving, there are “aging dreamers” – the Dream Foundation – which grants wishes to terminally ill adults. We also showcase King Day of Service by showcasing ways in which you can volunteer for caregiving organizations.

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Check out our CEO Sherri Snelling’s articles on supporting the dreams and end-of-life wishes of our aging and ill loved ones, and volunteering in service to caregivers all in celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service:

What We Can Learn From Brittany Maynard’s Death (originally published on PBS Next Avenue)

Casey Kasem’s Legacy for Caregivers (originally published on Forbes.com)

How You Can Combat the Senior Hunger Crisis (originally published on PBS Next Avenue)

8 Ways to Volunteer to Help America’s Largest Volunteer Health Care Work Force: Family Caregivers (originally published on Huffington Post)

Enlist now to help caregivers of veterans

How Online Volunteers Support Caregivers (originally published on PBS Next Avenue)

Paying it Forward – Volunteerism Among Caregivers (originally published in USA Today)

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We also offer our Me Time Monday video for caregiver tips on end-of-life wishes:



AARP Webinar – Caregiving Conversation with Dan Gasby and B. Smith

AARP hosts a caregiving conversation with Dan Gasby, husband and business partner to lifestyle icon, B. Smith, who was diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimer’s a few years ago.

Join Caregiving Club CEO, Sherri Snelling, as she talks with Dan and B. about their message of hope and advocacy in the face of this devastating illness:

When: Monday, February 27, 2017 from 7:00 – 8:00 pm EST (4:00 – 5:00 pm PST)

Where: https://aarptek.aarp.org/tek-online-webinars/2017/2/27/making-your-mess-your-message-featuring-dan-gasby-with-sherri-snelling

 (registration is FREE)

Dan shares his challenges in finding patience and being present, in understanding the disease that has changed his “sweetie,” and how we all have a role in fighting this disease that today affects 20 million Americans – 5 million living with the disease and 15 million who are caring for them.


To view other AARP Webinars with Sherri Snelling, check out the archived listings on AARPTek:

November, 2016 – “A Caregiving Conversation with Holly Robinson Peete”

January, 2017 – “Demystifying Medical Apps and Wearable Health Devices – an interview with Dr. Leslie Saxon of the USC Center for Body Computing at Keck Medicine of USC.

The Grammys and Alzheimer’s disease


Every year the music industry comes together for the Grammy Awards to honor the leading songs, albums and music makers who inspire us get up and dance and singalong.In conjunction with this year’s awards, Caregiving Club will take a look at Alzheimer’s disease and music.

Several high-profile music stars were lost in 2017 to Alzheimer’s, a degenerative brain disease that affects 5 million Americans and 17 million of their family caregivers. Country star Glen Campbell; teen idol David Cassidy; 80s rock band guitarist Malcolm Young of AC/DC all died with this disease. Quincy Jones, one of the most prolific songwriters, music producers and musicians, has focused on the healing affect of music for those with Alzheimer’s and autism.

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For more about music therapy, Alzheimer’s and caregiving, read our CEO Sherri Snelling articles and interviews with famous names:

Glen Campbell’s Farewell Tour (originally published on PBS Next Avenue)

Kimberly Williams Paisley Chronicles Her Mother’s Dementia (originally published on PBS Next Avenue)

Music Therapy – a 5-Note Plan for Caregiver Calm (originally published on the Alzheimer’s Association blog)

Music of the Night – 2013 Alzheimer’s Association “A Night at Sardi’s” Event

Stars Take Center Stage to Fight Alzheimer’s disease – 2012 Alzheimer’s Association “A Night at Sardi’s” Event

Alzheimer’s App Uses Singing to Boost Mood (originally published on PBS Next Avenue)

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Our CEO Sherri Snelling often interviews celebrities from red carpet events about caregiving and other aging issues. Watch her celebrity interviews from these Alzheimer’s gala events:

January is Financial Wellness Month


When we talk about wellness, we typically mean physical and mental health and happiness. However, there is another type of wellness that impacts caregivers and it has to do with financial wellness.

January is Financial Wellness Month and Caregiving Club focuses on how to help caregivers avoid what we call the “Caregiving Cost Drain.” A study conducted by the National Alliance for Caregiving and Evercare found more than half of all caregivers spend on average 10 percent of their annual income on care-related costs for their loved one – $400 more than the average American spends annually on entertainment and health care combined. Last year’s study by Merrill Lynch and Agewave, showed that 92 percent of all caregivers are also “financial caregivers.”

A great resource for caregivers who want to plan ahead, Genworth’s annual “Cost of Care” survey shows state-by-state costs for long-term care skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, dementia care, adult day care and in-home care.

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For more reading, check out our CEO Sherri Snelling’s articles and interviews below:

What financial guru Suze Orman learned caring for her mother (originally published on Forbes.com)

How to Avoid the Goldilocks Syndrome  (originally published on Forbes.com)

How to avoid the caregiving wallet drain (originally published for USA Today)

Tax Rules for Caregivers (originally published on PBS Next Avenue)

Watch more – Me Time Monday:

In addition, you can watch our Me Time Monday videos on caregiving costs and how to start the caregiving conversation with your loved one so you know what costs you might be facing.




The C-A-R-E Conversation Series


CARE Conversation logo

In Sherri Snelling’s top-selling book, A Cast of Caregivers – Celebrity Stories to Help You Prepare to Care, the chapter on how to have the C-A-R-E  Conversation has become one of the highlights of the book and in Sherri’s speaking engagements. Coming in late 2016, Sherri’s next book, The C-A-R-E Conversations, will be published.

Cast of Caregivers Cover FINAL jpeg

The reality is having conversations, whether it is with an aging parent, an ill spouse, our siblings, our kids, a boss or co-worker, friends and others are difficult. We avoid these conversations but this silence can lead to confusion, frustration, anger, depression and other emotions that ultimate impact a caregiver’s health and wellness.

Learning to understand the issues and how the conversation sounds on either side of the talk are tools every caregiver needs. This year, Caregiving Club offers a monthly “C-A-R-E Conversation” article – excerpted from Sherri’s upcoming book.  We’ll give you tips and resources on how to have difficult conversations with all those around you when you take your caregiving journey.

2016 will be the year caregivers can say,

Let’s Talk!

Caregiving Club Honored for Me Time Monday

Caregiver Reviews calls Caregiving Club and its Me Time Monday videos “the MTV of Caregiving.” Read the press release here for National Sandwich Generation Month. Read the Caregiver Reviews of Caregiving Club here.

MTV of Caregiving Award

Men As Caregivers

More than a “few good men” – fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, uncles now represent 45% of the 65 million caregivers.  Read Sherri’s PBS Next Avenue article about how men cope with caregiving and her blog about the famous men of caregiving.



LifeCare Webinars for Caregiving Employees

LifeCare teams with Caregiving Club CEO Sherri Snelling to offer monthly educational Webinars to LifeCare’s 61,000 employer clients representing 51 million employees nationwide.  Click here to read more.

LifeCare Webinars logo

USA Today Spotlight on Caregiving





Each November for National Caregiver Month, Media Planet teams with caregiving organizations such as the Caregiver Action Network and experts to showcase the issues of our nation’s 65 million caregivers. This year’s cover story features Montel Williams, TV personality, radio talk show host and actor, a champion for those with mulitple sclerosis (which he lives with) and our nation’s family caregivers (which he became when caring for a daughter with lymphoma).

The special supplement is featured in the November 11, 2016 issue of USA Today as well as seen online at FutureofPersonalHealth.com and other partner sites such as CNN.com.

Our CEO Sherri Snelling is one of the expert contributors to this special caregiving issue. Her articles can be read by clicking on the links below:


Click here to read Sherri’s article on a new era of on demand caregiving help:

Caregivers On Demand Help Is Here At Last



Click here to read Sherri’s article on how to have the CARE Conversation:

How to Have the CARE Conversation



Click here to read Sherri’s article about the volunteerism spirit of family caregivers:

Paying It Forward – Caregivers Are a Volunteer Force



2015 USA Today and Media Planet Caregiving Feature

Sherri contributed to the same annual feature supplement last year with these articles:

How to Avoid the Caregiving Cost Drain


7 Tips to Avoid Caregiver Burn-out


Silver Surfers: How Technology Helps Seniors and Caregivers


2013 USA Today and Media Planet Caregiving Feature

Sherri also contributed to the 2013 Caregiving Feature Issue. She provided excerpted celebrity interviews with Holly Robinson Peete and Joan Lunden from her book, A Cast of Caregivers, as the cover story and feature articles for the March 2013 caregiving supplement for USA Today weekend magazine.  The supplement also included the Caregiving Club’s Me Time Monday program.  Read the full supplement here: Caregiving Supplement March 2013