July 4 is Independence Day

JUL 4 Independence Day

Independence is something we all want and was a gift to newly minted Americans by our Founding Fathers 240 years ago today.

For some, the weight of caregiving for a loved one threatens to capsize our own independence and freedom. How can you care for a loved one without losing the need to care for yourself?

To guarantee the freedom a newly formed nation sought in our precious Declaration of Independence and further cemented in the Constitution, the prescient Founding Fathers, led by James Madison,  created a Bill of Rights in 1789. Virginian Robert Morris argued for these amendments to “protect the individual if the government should become oppressive.”

Over the years, several organizations have put forth guidelines for caregivers to protect their rights while they protect and care for loved ones.  Our CEO Sherri Snelling has cobbled together her version of the “Caregiver Bill of Rights” and created a Me Time Monday on the 10 aspects of caregiving rights.

A reminder on this day of all days that caregivers rights are as important as the care recipient’s and should be not overlooked.

Read: Caregiver Bill of Rights

My Favorite Things – CareLinx

My Favorite ThingsOne of our favorite things to do at Caregiving Club is find our favorite services, products and organizations to share with our loyal readers.

We debut the “My Favorite Things” list from Caregiving Club CEO, Sherri Snelling. As part of her role as a national caregiving expert, Sherri advises companies on how to best support caregivers. She serves on advisory boards and often asks these companies to provide a free offer or special promotion for Caregiving Club readers.

Click here to read about the 4 free hours of in-home care you can receive from CareLinx as the first company featured in “My Favorite Things.”

June is National Safe Driving Month

JUN Natl Safe Driving Month

When it comes to our cars – most of us are never ready to give up the keys. Yet, safety statistics tells us that older women outlive their safe driving ability by 11 years and for older men it is six years.  Yet, there are many older Americans – 90-year-olds and centenarians – who are still driving safely. How do you know if your loved one should move from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat?

Our CEO Sherri Snelling excerpts the “3 Gears of Senior Driving” from her best-selling book, A Cast of Caregivers in three different article below. Read how to assess your loved one’s driving, help them accept driving retirement and how to find solutions and resources to keep them mobile and independent.

You can also watch our Me Time Monday TM  video on “Safe Driving Tips” – see below.

3 Gears of Senior Driving – How Caregivers Can Help Parents Make the Shift

When Parents Face Driving Retirement – Alternative Senior Transportation (PBS)

Reese Witherspoon Forgives Senior Driver in Recent Accident




June – National Home Safety Month

JUN Natl Home Safety Month

Home makeover shows are all the rage on cable TV – so join the fun and find out ways you can help make your older loved one’s home safer as they age. AARP reported that 89 percent of Americans over age 65 want to stay living in our homes as long as possible.

Since June is National Home Safety Month, let us help show you how to help your older loved one “age-in-place” – read our CEO Sherri Snelling’s articles and watch our Me Time MondayTM video on Home Safety below.

You can also read about one of the ways to keep your loved one safe at home with services such as CareLinx, Patient Navigators and the Village to Village Movement.

Home safety tour with CAPS expert

My Favorite Things – CareLinx, the nation’s largest online caregiver marketplace for in-home care (Caregiving Club readers click on the CareLinx hot link and receive 4 free hours of in-home care).

Caregiving Matchmakers – How to Find “The One” for In-Home Care (PBS Next Avenue)

Patient Navigators – New Help for Caregivers (PBS Next Avenue)

The Village Movement – Redefining Aging in Place (PBS Next Avenue)



June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month

JUN Natl Elder Abuse Month

June is National Elder Abuse Awareness Month. The dark side of caregiving is that our senior population is vulnerable to abuse – financial, physical, emotional. The abuse can come from strangers such as identify theft or fraudulent schemes, from the neglect of professional caregivers, staff and even other residents at long-term-care facilities, and even from family members who are overwhelmed and frustrated from their caregiving role or simply not well enough trained to properly care for their loved one.

Read our CEO Sherri Snelling’s articles on the story of famous radio DJ, Casey Kasem, showcasing the dark side of caregiving:

Casey Kasem’s Legacy for Caregivers (Forbes)

Dark Side of Caregiving – Elder Abuse News (PBS Next Avenue)


The C-A-R-E Conversation Series


CARE Conversation logo

In Sherri Snelling’s top-selling book, A Cast of Caregivers – Celebrity Stories to Help You Prepare to Care, the chapter on how to have the C-A-R-E  Conversation has become one of the highlights of the book and in Sherri’s speaking engagements. Coming in late 2016, Sherri’s next book, The C-A-R-E Conversations, will be published.

Cast of Caregivers Cover FINAL jpeg

The reality is having conversations, whether it is with an aging parent, an ill spouse, our siblings, our kids, a boss or co-worker, friends and others are difficult. We avoid these conversations but this silence can lead to confusion, frustration, anger, depression and other emotions that ultimate impact a caregiver’s health and wellness.

Learning to understand the issues and how the conversation sounds on either side of the talk are tools every caregiver needs. This year, Caregiving Club offers a monthly “C-A-R-E Conversation” article – excerpted from Sherri’s upcoming book.  We’ll give you tips and resources on how to have difficult conversations with all those around you when you take your caregiving journey.

2016 will be the year caregivers can say,

Let’s Talk!

Caregiving at the Movies – Still Alice

Still Alice movie posterA must-see on your movie list should be Still Alice – Julianne Moore’s poignant Oscar-nominated role reminds all of us that Alzheimer’s disease can strike even in your 50s.  Read the blogs about this movie that will propel the movement to END ALZ.

Caregiving Club Honored for Me Time Monday

Caregiver Reviews calls Caregiving Club and its Me Time Monday videos “the MTV of Caregiving.” Read the press release here for National Sandwich Generation Month. Read the Caregiver Reviews of Caregiving Club here.

MTV of Caregiving Award

Men As Caregivers

More than a “few good men” – fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, uncles now represent 45% of the 65 million caregivers.  Read Sherri’s PBS Next Avenue article about how men cope with caregiving and her blog about the famous men of caregiving.



LifeCare Webinars for Caregiving Employees

LifeCare teams with Caregiving Club CEO Sherri Snelling to offer monthly educational Webinars to LifeCare’s 61,000 employer clients representing 51 million employees nationwide.  Click here to read more.

LifeCare Webinars logo

USA Today Spotlight on Caregiving

USA Today cover 2015Each November for National Caregiver Month, Media Planet teams with caregiving organizations such as the Caregiver Action Network and experts to showcase the issues of our nation’s 65 million caregivers. This year’s cover story features Elizabeth Dole, a champion for the caregivers of veterans. The special supplement is featured in the November 27, 2015 issue of USA Today as well as seen online at FutureofHealthCareNews.com and other partner sites such as CNN.com.

Our CEO Sherri Snelling is one of the expert contributors to this special caregiving issue. Her articles can be read by clicking on the links below:

Caregiver Burn Out USA Today

Click here to read Sherri’s article on how to avoid caregiver burn-out: 7 Tips to Beat Caregiver Burn-out

Caregiving Cost Drain USA Today

Click here to read Sherri’s article on how to plan ahead for the costs of caregiving: How to Avoid the Caregiving Cost Drain

Aging Tech USA Today

Click here to read Sherri’s article about aging, caregiving and technology tools that can help: Silver Surfers – Aging and Technology


2013 USA Today and Media Planet Caregiving Feature

Sherri also contributed to the 2013 Caregiving Feature Issue. She provided excerpted celebrity interviews with Holly Robinson Peete and Joan Lunden from her book, A Cast of Caregivers, as the cover story and feature articles for the March 2013 caregiving supplement for USA Today weekend magazine.  The supplement also included the Caregiving Club’s Me Time Monday program.  Read the full supplement here: Caregiving Supplement Mar 2013

Author Events

Sherri Snelling will be doing book signings, press interviews and other events to support her book, A Cast of Caregivers – Celebrity Stories to Help You Prepare to Care.  Click here for more information about upcoming events.

Book Buzz

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