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“I have had the pleasure of working with Sherri on a couple of different projects. She provides excellent service, great results, on time and on budget. She’s a great project manager and is truly an expert when it comes to caregiving issues. I would highly recommend her!”


–Shelly Espinosa, Director of Community & Philanthropic Programs

UnitedHealth Foundation


Sherri Snelling did a strategic Planning Workshop for the WomanSage Board on Vision/Mission and Values on a board retreat session.  Sherri was amazing!

To summarize her contribution to the WomanSage is difficult because there was such an overwhelmingly great result.  Simply stated Sherri was:

  • Prepared
  • Organized
  • Professional
  • An Excellent Communicator
  • A Leader –we moved effortlessly through the process
  • Focused
  • Aware of the diverse group of people participating and ensured the group worked cohesively
  • Encouraging
  • Pleasant
  • Very knowledgeable

In short, Sherri was our guide through the process who ensured that we finished the meeting by meeting our goal of having a Vision/Mission and Values that were fully endorsed not only by all of the participants but also by the board members who were unable to attend the retreat.

I would recommend Sherri for any consulting work or planning meetings.  She is the consummate professional.

–Shirley Dole – President


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