Celebrity Spotlight – Living Longer & LTC Planning


In January we highlight Financial Wellness Month and who better to capture “financial wellness” than the guru of saving money – Suze Orman? Sherri interviewed Suze for Forbes about her insightful story in dealing with her mother’s long-term care costs and conversation on caregiving – read it here:

What Suze Orman Learned Caring for Her Mother

January is also the month we kick-off healthy habits that will hopefully help us live longer lives. Sherri has interviewed several experts on longevity over the years and below we capture the Top 3 of these interviews – experts all on how to live longer, happier and healthier. Read Sherri’s interviews with:

Norman Lear – TV entertainment icon (94 years young) the PBS Next Avenue interview:

Norman Lear – Longevity, Laughter, Love of America (PBS 2015)

David Murdock – CEO of Dole (93 years young) the Forbes interview:

David Murdock – 90-year-old billionaire and caregiver (PBS)

Dr. Davis Agus of USC – legendary cancer researcher and oncologist the PBS Next Avenue interview:

Dr. Agus recently received a $200 million gift from tech entrepreneur, Larry Ellison, to support cancer research and treatment. Sherri, who works with Dr. Agus at USC, interviewed him about his book, A Short Guide to a Longer Life:

Want to Live Longer?


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