Celebrity Spotlight – Celebrating MS Caregivers


Multiple sclerosis, a disease that attacks the central nervous system, afflicts more than 2.5 million people worldwide. Among those families impacted are some whose names we know including the Osmonds and actress Marg Helgenberger of TV’s CSI  fame.

Alan and Davis Osmond, father and son, are both living with the disease. Sherri Snelling interviewed them for PBS and her book about the challenges, what gives them hope and how family and faith are two of their biggest prescriptions for facing a disease which today has no cure.

Click here to read Sherri’s PBS interview with Alan and David:

The Osmond Family’s Greatest Act – Winning the Daily Battle Against MS (Sherri also featured both Alan and Davis in her book, A Cast of Caregivers – Celebrity Stories to Help You Prepare to Care)

Marg Helgenberger was a young college student in the Midwest when she suddenly became a caregiver for a father with MS (and shortly after a caregiver for her mother with breast cancer). Her experience through caregiving has led her to become a passionate advocate for both diseases. Sherri Snelling interviewed her for Third Age and featured Marg’s caregiving story in her book, A Cast of Caregivers – Celebrity Stories to Help You Prepare to Care).

Read Marg’s story – click here:

Also read Sherri Snelling’s article on Huffington Post about the 1.5 million children under age 18 who are primary caregivers for a loved one – typically a parent or grandparent and her article for PBS Next Avenue about the difference in caring for a mom versus a dad:

Caregiving’s Lost Generation: The Nation’s Children

Difference in Caring for Moms versus Dads

You can watch Sherri Snelling interview Marg Helgenberger from the red carpet at the Race to Erase MS Event:




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