Handle With Care TV Show

Handle With Care takes viewers on a 30-minute journey through the world of caring for an older parent, an ill spouse or a child with a chronic illness or disability.

The show is the brainchild of Sherri Snelling who felt there was a void in traditional television when it came to an ongoing series about the challenges and rewards of those 65 million Americans who are providing care to a family member, partner or friend.

Handle With Care captures these caregiver stories and brings in experts in the areas of financial planning, technology and health and wellness to help guide the caregivers to simple but hard-to-find solutions.  Funny, frustrating, poignant and powerful – the rainbow of caregiver emotions are captured in this program that will educate and empower viewers in their caregiving journey.

In addition, the show connects viewers to the Caregiving Club Web site to find more information, helpful tips and resources that expand caregiver’s education around topics seen in the show.  Helpful information such as weekly video tips on balancing self-care needs while caregiving, tip sheets and educational Webinars conducted with various partners, such as Lotsa Helping Hands, provide more valuable insights into the world of caregiving.

Meet the Production Team

The program is created, produced and hosted by Sherri Snelling.  The show’s co-producer and director is Kyle Burke, president of Four Leaf Media.  The pilot episode features Robin Raskin of Living in Digital Times, showcasing the wonders of the digital age.  All episodes are shot on location around the country.

Future Episodes

Handle With Care future episodes showcasing caregivers of parents, spouses, partners, siblings and adult children include:

  • Retirement planning and avoiding the caregiving cost drain
  • Senior driving and alternative transportation
  • Caring for our nation’s veterans
  • Home safety:  modifications, the “smart” home and preventing falls
  • Health and wellness:  nutrition, fitness, avoiding burn-out and stress
  • Caregiving and career:  the juggling act
  • Navigating the fragmented health care system
  • Disaster plans – be prepared
  • The spiritual care transition to end-of-life hospice and palliative care
  • And more

To recommend a future topic or submit your story for consideration for a future show, please submit your information on our contact us page.

Click here for more information about Episode 1 “Staying Connected Through Technology.”

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