April 23-29 – National Volunteer Week


April 23 through 29 is National Volunteer Week. One of the hardest things for caregivers to do is ask for and accept help. But, if you don’t get a respite break and “time off” now and then, you may wind up more ill than the person for whom you are caring. What is interesting is that a national study found after caring for a loved one, caregivers are 50 percent more likely than the general public to volunteer to help other caregivers.

National Volunteer Week is a great opportunity for caregivers to reach out, for friends and family members to step up and for caregiving to become a team sport instead of a solo act. It does take a village, read our CEO Sherri Snelling’s article on caregiving and volunteerism:

Paying it Forward – Volunteerism Among Caregiversoriginally published in the Caregiving Supplement for USA Today

8 Ways to Volunteer to Help America’s Largest Volunteer Health Care Work Force: Family Caregiversoriginally published on Huff Post 50

How Online Volunteers Support Caregiversoriginally published on PBS Next Avenue

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