November is National Caregiver Month

In Greek mythology, Zeus named one of the gods Atlas Telamon, meaning “enduring Atlas.” Over time Atlas came to represent the celestial axis around which the heavens revolve.

We chose this image of Atlas to commemorate November National Caregiving Month and honor the nation’s 65 million caregivers who essentially carry the care of the world on their shoulders.

Many caregivers say they feel “all alone” but they are one in an army of caregivers – the nation’s largest volunteer health care unpaid workforce and without our caregivers, our health care system collapses.

When you become a caregiver, you join a cast of caregivers. Our message to you is you are not alone.

Helping Caregivers Avoid Burn-out

Whether you are caring for an older parent, an ill spouse or sibling, a special needs child who is becoming an adult or a friend caring for a chronically ill friend,there are many ways we become caregivers. However, most of us are not well prepared for the caregiver journey. And, with lack of planning comes chaos, confusion, unforeseen costs and a common caregiving side effect we call “burn-out.”

Caregiving Club was formed to help guide you to a place of balance while caregiving – mentally and emotionally, physically and financially. Having good information on available resources is one part of our mission. We also help consult with companies that are recognizing the special role of caregivers and developing the services and products that help caregivers. And we provide content – good information to let you know we hear you and we’re trying to help with as much research and information we can find.

Our CEO Sherri Snelling writes on a variety of caregiving topics for PBS Next Avenue,, Huffington Post, USA Today and other outlets. You can check out most of her articles in our archives or click here for a complete list.

The Celebrity Caregiver Connection – A Cast of Caregivers

Sherri also interviews many celebrities who have cared for loved ones. A lot of people think celebrities have it easier – they have the money to hire a caregiving entourage. While that may be true for some of these high profile people, most, if not all, still ride into the caregiving roller coaster – the ups and downs of navigating a fragmented health care system, getting an older parent to communicate or comply with helpful services, digging into their own pockets (no matter how deep) to pay for the costs of care. Caregiving is the great leveler in our society – it cuts across all socioeconomic boundaries – all gender, age, race, religion, geography and economic status boxes that may otherwise separate us.

Take Care!

We celebrate the 65 million caregivers this month and every month and we thank you for your service and want to keep you well.

To that end, we have the following for you to check out:

Caregiving Club’s Me Time MondayTM  – a series of videos to help give you tips on how to balance self-care while caregiving. Created in partnership with the Caregiver Monday Campaign.

Caregiving Club’s Book Lovers List for some great books we find help caregivers.

Sherri Snelling’s “My Favorite Things” – services and products we love to help caregivers.

Caregiving Club Resources – We will launch our Caregiving Resources list this month so look for those helpful links to the services, organizations and products that will help you on your caregiving journey!


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