July – National Sandwich Generation Month


Pew Research found that more Gen Xers are “Sandwich Generation” caregivers than baby boomers and a recent AARP report uncovered a growing number of caregivers who are Millennials. When it comes to the juggling act known as caregiving – especially for those Sandwich Generation members who care for children and older parents – how do you not drop the ball that says “Me?”

Our CEO Sherri Snelling offers insights, tips and other helpful information for those in the Sandwich Generation:

9 Cost-Free Ways to Find Respite and Get a Caregiver Break (originally published on PBS Next Avenue)

7 Tips to Avoid Sandwich Generation Burn-out (originally published in USA Today)

Sandwich Generation Juggling Act (originally published in Forbes)

Difference in Caring for Moms versus Dads (originally published on PBS Next Avenue.org)

How to Manage the Sandwich Generation Juggling Act – 8 Childish Things Caregivers Should Do (originally published in Huffington Post)

Mars vs. Venus On Caregiver Stress (originally published on Huffington Post)

You can also watch our Me Time Monday TM video on “Sandwich Generation Tips” and “Avoiding Caregiver Burn-Out” – see below:



Tips on Avoiding Caregiver Burn-out:




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