April – National Stress Awareness Month


April is National Stress Awareness Month. Stress is one of the biggest challenges caregivers face.  It was cited as the No. 1 problem for those caregivers who felt their health was in decline and is the reason for 90 percent of all doctor appointments. Another study found that caregivers are twice as likely as the general public to develop chronic illnesses earlier in life due to the prolonged stress of caring for a loved one.

Stress is difficult to understand because so often is it invisible. Do you ever have your shoulders hunched? Is your tongue press against the roof of your mouth? These are invisible signs of stress that you don’t realize is impacting your overall health.

Finding ways to manage stress is essential for caregivers. Here are articles from our CEO Sherri Snelling – a national advocate on caregivers finding balance and help for stress relief:

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