Me Time Monday Video Tips

We know caregivers have precious little time to focus on their own health and well-being which is why we created the Me Time Monday videos and tips and the Me Time Monday Playing Cards.

While the Caregiving Club’s mission is to help caregivers balance caring for themselves while caring  for a loved one, we understand this is not always an easy task.

To help promote our mission, the Caregiving Club is proud to join the Healthy Monday campaign efforts and their Caregiver’s Monday Campaign.  Healthy Monday is a national movement to help Americans start and sustain the lifestyle behaviors that can end chronic preventable disease.  Based on research by Johns Hopkins – Monday has special significance as the beginning of the week – a critical unit of time when planning our lives.

The research shows that more people are likely to start and stick to a new plan on Monday rather than any other day of the week – whether it’s beginning a new diet, ceasing to smoke, scheduling doctor appointments or starting a new exercise regime.

By creating a new minute-long video tip every Monday to help caregivers focus on their self-care – what we are calling the “Me Time Monday Video Tips” – the Caregiving Club becomes part of a larger effort to help caregivers adopt healthy habits.

The Monday Campaign is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 in association with Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University and Syracuse University in order to apply marketing best practices to best health challenges.  To find out more about the numerous Monday Campaigns and partners, visit the web site at:

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